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Brabo is introducing a new generation of field hockey sticks based on a technology taken straight out of the high-tech labs from Formula 1 cars. The revolutionary TeXtreme Carbon material makes the sticks lighter than ever before, with higher impact resistance than with any other carbon material available.


TeXtreme technology is based on producing carbon fiber fabric in a new innovative way. The TeXtreme Carbon material uses carbon fiber, the fiber is spread into very thin tapes and the tapes are then weaved into a fabric. By spreading the fiber the TeXtreme carbon material has less crimp, straighter fibers and more fibers in the same area. This improves performance and reduces the amount of plastic needed which minimize weight. TeXtreme Carbon gives us the possibility to make thinner laminates, reduce the weight and improve mechanical performance. The advantages are allowing us to place the swing weight exactly at a position which will help you to play better!

 TeXtreme Carbon is exclusively used by Brabo field hockey and is showing the innovative power of our BRABO brand.




The Traditional Series are designed for the absolutely elite in field hockey. These Traditonal series sticks are made out of 100% high pre-preg carbon fibres which gives them excellent playing qualities. The new Brabo Wrap Around Technology (W.A.T) indicated by two visual stripes above the head is giving the stick a better stiffness, more rigidity with a higher durability. It is no surprise that Dutch olympic champion player Maartje Goderie (NL) and other well known players as Roel Bovendeert (NL), Margot van Geffen (NL) made their choice for the Traditional Carbon Pro, the absolute top of the range.


Sustainability, control, power and "feel" are the qualities that characterize the Traditional Series.



Our Universal range as within the Tribute sseries there is a stick for every level. It's universal design and diversity in carbon percentages offers sticks for every price range and level of play. Are you looking for a stick with much "feeling"? Or one with great hitting power? Or a different bend curve? The Tribute series has the stick for you! Also the Australian Internationals Brent Dancer (AUS) and Jayde Taylor (AUS) have chosen for the Tribute series.

Brabo TC10 Low Bow

Brabo Tribute 9.24

Traditional Carbon Low Bow

Traditional Carbon 24mm

Traditional Carbon 16mm

Traditional Carbon 100

Olympic Limited Edition

Textreme F3

Textreme F2

Textreme F1